WebSphere MQ Monitoring — Comprehensive Workspace Sample Using Navigator Views

This solution presents ITM V6.x enhanced comprehensive workspaces in a custom navigator view for OMEGAMON XE for Messaging V7 (aka ITCAM for Application, MQ Agent).

OMEGAMON XE for Messaging V7 delivers a lot of useful workspaces with very detailed information on a single WebSphere MQ server. This solution presents a complete new approach to navigate to the details of a single MQ resources. The inspection of single objects is more context driven and spans WebSphere MQ server bounds.

The structure of the new navigator is inherited from the original product, so that the user will feel comfortable with the solution. When installed, situations are associated to the new navigation tree.

This solution should highlight the capabilities of the ITM V6 infrastructure and the power of using ITM navigator views in a production environment to identify potential upcoming problems in WebSphere MQ infrastructures.

The linking capability enables the users to follow the path of the message flows across system borders and get a more comprehensive view of the entire object chain making up the communication path in WebSphere MQ. It enables users to quickly identify the root cause of message flow problems.

The PDF document gives you all required details.

The archive file contains the export of the ITM Navigator, which could be used for a quick implementation.

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