Discover new devices in a Network with checkmk

After having installed checkmk it is one of the first tasks to discover all devices in a given network.

To do so please follow the steps below:

Enter Setup Hosts

Create a stage folder to place newly discovered hosts in.

Click Add Folder
Type in the Title within the basic settings and press the save button

To handle several networks, several sub-folders will be created (this is optional).

Enter stage folder and click Add folder again

Type in your specific settings and don’t forget to press the Save button
  • Select Network Scan
  • Add new IP range
  • Select Set IPv4 address
  • Set criticality host tag to “Do not monitor this host”

The Scan Interval is important, if you want detect new device quickly.

There are a lot of other settings possible. Please consult the documentation for further details (Section 6 of the linked article).