OMEGAMON XE for Messaging — ITM Sample Situation Package

This solution presents ITM V6.x usage scenarios for OMEGAMON XE for Messaging V7 Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Agents.

OMEGAMON XE for Messaging V7 comes with a bunch of good, predefined situations, which have been extended in some areas. Others are defined completely new from scratch, to help customers to quickly identify and resolve production-relevant issues.

It should highlight the capabilities of the ITM V6 infrastructure and the power of using ITM situations to identify potential upcoming problems in WebSphere MQ infrastructures. It gives multiple examples for useful situations and potential solutions.

All situations have proven their value in real customer environments and have been created to show our customers the benefit of using ITM monitoring for production environments.

The attached archive file includes a detailed description of the MQ Situation Sample and the situations itself.

WebSphere Monitoring

Over the last weeks I see an increasing request for  WebSphere Application Server (WAS) monitoring. This article summarizes solutions available, created over the last years on top of IBM’s monitoring solution, SmartCloud Application Performance Management (SCAPM).

The SCAPM portfolio comprises almost everything of IBM’s monitoring capabilities under the umbrella of ITM. The ITCAM for Application contains the WAS monitoring agents.

The documentation of the WAS monitoring solution may be found on the IBM Knowledge Center.

Additionally, I’ve created two add-ons for the WebSphere Monitoring. The situation package gives a set of sample monitoring rules, covering the most often seen requirements in the field.

To get a comprehensive overview of all WebSphere Application Server instances monitored in your environment, this navigator view might help.

For deep dive analysis the data collector might be connected directly with the ITCAM Managing Server to enable transaction debugging and detailed WebSphere environment analysis.

The WebSphere monitoring is only one discipline within the SCAPM portfolio.  Other areas of the application performance management are covered, including transaction tracking, HTTP response time measurement and robotic monitoring.